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Jaipur is the capital of India’s Rajasthan state. It evokes the royal family that once ruled the region and that, in 1727, founded what is now called the Old City, or “Pink City” for its trademark building color. At the center of its stately street grid (notable in India) stands the opulent, colonnaded City Palace complex. With gardens, courtyards and museums, part of it is still a royal residence. The city was named after Maharaja Jai Singh who was the main founder. Maharaja Jai Singh was from Kachhwaha Rajput and ruled the area between 1699 and 1744. Jai Singh's formar capital was Amber, which is 11 km from Jaipur. Due to increase of population and scarcity of water it was shifted to Jaipur. In is one of the most planned cities in India. Canal system, Parks, residential areas and market areas are meticulously planned. Jaipur is also known for its rich scientific heritage. Maharaja Jai Singh has a very strong inclination for Science and Mathematics. He consulted Vidyadhar Bhattacharyya , a renowned scholar from Bengal at the time of designing the city. Today, Jaipur experiences maximum number of footfall as tourism destination in India. Large number of International and Domestic tourist visits the Pink City to relive the royal past. Many of the ancient palaces are now been transformed to heritage hotels.

How to reach Jaipur

By Flight

Jaipur International Airport is situated 16 kms from the city. The airport is well connected with all the major metropolitan cities of India, with regular flights flying from Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata.

By Road

Jaipur with a high influx of foreign tourists has developed and established a high quality road network and good infrastructure by the state to support the highway that leads to Udaipur. Owing to this, one can have a smooth road trip from Delhi to jaipur which takes about 5 hours.

By train

Jaipur is well connected with the major railway stations in India. Tourists who are looking for a more luxurious and expensive option, can opt for traveling by Palace on Wheels.

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Jaipur, Rajasthan

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