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Jibhi is hardly a 2 hour journey away from Aut tunnel on the Delhi-Manali Highway. It lies in Banjar Valley and is at a distance of about 8-10 km from Banjar. There are lush green pine forests with a pristine waterfall in Jibhi. Ghiyagi is a small hamlet located 4-5 kms away from Jibhi on the way to Shoja. It is so small that if you don't pay attention you will miss it, and that exactly is its charm!.

How to reach jibhi

By Flight:

The closest airport is in Bhuntar in Kullu district. It is 60 km away from Jibhi and it took around 2hr to reach Jibhi .The fair for taxi is about Rs. 2,000 for the one-way trip from Bhuntar to Jibhi.

By Car:

You can reach easily by car from delhi to Jibhi. it is 505 km from Delhi. It took around 11 hr. To reach Jibhi.

By Bus:

By Road the simplest way to travel to Jibhi is to board a bus for Manali from Delhi and disembark at Aut. From Aut, arrange for a taxi pickup through your accommodation (rs.1,000 one-way), or take another bus to Banjar, which is 8 km before Jibhi, and get a taxi from there..

By train:
The closest railway station is at Shimla, it is 150 km away and took around 6 hr to south of Jibhi. There is no direct service from Delhi to Shimla, so passengers need to change trains at Kalka, but there are plenty of connections for the comfortable ride (5 hr to Kalka and a further 5 hr to Shimla). Visitors can use the opportunity to experience the iconic gtoy trainh from Kalka to Shimla. A one-way taxi from Shimla to Jibhi starts at approximately Rs. 6,000..

Accommodation At StayApart, Jibhi


Dreamland farmhouse is surrounded by evergreen cedar trees. Small reveres flow beside the homestay, the land is full of vegetation which enhances the beauty of our stays. The property has bonfire, even there is a special room that is heated well in the traditional way where we enjoy our food. Hall is all set with the music system.


Dreamland home stay is a beautiful destination for nature lover. The place is surrounded by small and high mountains. Calm and fresh air enhance the beauty of our place. Set in Shoja in the Himachal Pradesh region, DreamLand Home stay (JALORI PASS) offers accommodation with free private parking