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Nako is a beautiful village located in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh, India. Situated at an altitude of approximately 3,662 meters (12,014 feet) above sea level, it is known for its pristine natural beauty, ancient monasteries, and tranquil surroundings. Nako is a popular destination for nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts, and those seeking spiritual solace. book homestay in nako.

How to reach Nako

By Flight

The nearest airport to Nako is Bhuntar Airport, located in Kullu district, approximately 240 kilometers (149 miles) away. From the airport, you can hire a taxi or take a pre-booked cab to reach Nako. The journey by road from Bhuntar Airport to Nako takes around 6-7 hours, depending on the traffic and road conditions.

By Road

Nako is well-connected by road, and you can reach the village by bus or private vehicle. Regular bus services are available from major towns and cities in Himachal Pradesh, such as Shimla, Reckong Peo, and Rampur. You can also drive to Nako by car or hire a taxi.

By train

The nearest railway station to Nako is Shimla Railway Station, located approximately 275 kilometers (171 miles) away. From Shimla, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to Nako. The journey by road from Shimla to Nako takes around 8-9 hours, depending on the route and road conditions.

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Nako, Himachal Pradesh

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