Port Blair

Port Blair is a popular tourist destination and it is the capital city of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The Island is surrounded by rugged coastline and tropical forest but despite the fact for having hot and moist biome, this Island has a picturesque environment. Port Blair blooms with various tourists flying from different places and it is evident that this place sees different faces every year. The city is popular for the infamous Cellular Jail National Memorial, which was once a prison where many freedom fighters and people of other nationals were imprisoned. Today, this place serves as a famous attraction spot. Port Blair attracts tourists from all over the country not just for being a clean city but for its remarkably beautiful coral reefs. Tourism in Andaman and Nicobar will take you to breathtaking interesting places and to some major tourist attractions like Ross Island, earlier this island was the seat of British administration.

How to reach Port Blair

By Flight

Travelers like to use helicopters which generally run from inter island helicopter service that is approximately 1 km from the airport terminal. The airport offer numbers of scheduled services to Havelock, Neil, Carnicobar, Hutbay, Campbellbay and other islands. Pawan Hans Helicopter Ltd. operates its service from fleet of 03 Dauphin Helicopters from Port Blair. Flights from Port Blair to Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and other major cities are easily available. You can also take flights to Port Blair from other cities. Nearest Airport : Veer Savarkar International Airport, Port Blair

By Road

Buses connect Port Blair with other points on Grand Andaman, including Baratang Island (2½ hr), Rangat (6 hr) and Diglipur (8 hr). To get "deluxe" bus tickets, go to the little arena of shops across the road from the bus station. Ask around, but the man is in the fourth shop along on the left on the ground floor. If you're going further than Rangat the road is somewhat bumpy, so it's recommended not to get seat number greater than 20 (as this is over or behind the rear axle). Don't get the rear seats as they are a bench - you'd be better off on a public bus.

By train

Unfortunately, Port Blair is not connected to the mainland by train as it is an island destination. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands can only be accessed by air or sea.